Pat McKrill is the author of an easy to read recollection of a life growing up with snakes, entitled:
Getting to Know the Neighbours, which is also an invaluable reference book on the general behaviour of snakes. Some of the more common species are covered and there are many colour photographs to go with the text. The book has been reprinted twice, and is about to get its third reprint. Pat writes a monthly column for the
Meander Chronicle Newspaper also entitled Getting to Know the Neighbours, which has up to date snippets on current snake activity, the do’s and don’ts and any new discoveries in the snake world – interesting habitat, food or behavioural changes that come to light.

Pat has also published a compilation of previously published rhyming verse entitled A little bit of light-hearted Rhyming Rubbish, which covers everything from politics to frogs, long-drop toilets to sport. It’s a sort of easy read ‘bog book’ for the guest loo.


Getting to know the Neighbours