Techno-Logic Training will bring Wheel Alignment Technicians and Tyre Fitment Centre employees to an acceptable level of understanding and technical competence within that sector of the Industry, resulting in a reduction in downtime and the elimination of unnecessary comebacks in the workshop.

The training starts with the basics that were probably never learnt, and Alignment technicians and fitment centre personnel will be trained to the level where they can not only gain self-esteem but also add value to the workshop operation. The various disciplines can be trained in-house, as required.


Techno-Logic also conducts on-site Commercial Tyre training, where the trainee is taught about the pneumatic tyre itself and the various disciplines of Commercial Tyre maintenance, ranging through from application requirements to tyre selection, fitment disciplines, matching, pressure maintenance and mechanical wear diagnostics – all key aspects that can dramatically affect the ultimate cost per kilometre on the road. This training will help not only drivers, tyre fitters, workshop personnel, and on-site contracted service providers, but also general management personnel.


Training can be carried out in most countries that will accept SA passports without visa requirements e.g.  Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, Mozambique and Botswana.