Snake Country cc


At SNAKE COUNTRY cc we’re dedicated to educating people in the ways of some of the smaller creatures that live amongst us on this planet. As the name implies, snakes are the primary focus of this education process, but frogs, spiders and many of the other well known but less warm and fuzzy ‘creepy crawlies’ are investigated and their lifestyles and importance to us are unpacked to provide a more reasoned understanding of their role in the environment. A lot of this education, particularly with regard to snakes, is primarily aimed at the people and groups who would be more exposed to snake activity, such as farmers and farm labourers, foresters, environmentalists and rural dwellers, but because of the evolving adaptations being made by these creatures as their habitats become overrun by humans, even urban dwellers need some education.

Pat McKrill hosts talks and runs Ranger Training workshops in the Southern African region, introducing the average individual snake phobic as well as the not-so, to the life of snakes in an often comical but easy to understand manner, giving them the opportunity to interact with and learn to understand these mostly placid and shy creatures. By partaking in this education process, people, irrespective of their race, creed, sex or any other determining factor, begin to lose much of their culturally based and unrealistic fear of snakes as they come to understand them better and realise their importance to us and our precious environment.

Aside from the educational bias, Snake Country cc also manufactures the ‘Bushpig’ Snake Handling equipment to order and also offers an area specific (Hammarsdale to Ashburton) snake removal (or counselling) facility when not away training.

Spotted bush snake